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Hiking Zion

Weeping Rock. 0.5 mi/0.8 km.
Avg. time 1.2 hours with 98 ft ascent. Short, but steep with minor drop offs. Paved trail ends at a rock alcove with dripping springs. Trailside exhibits.

Pa'rus Trail. 3.5 mi/5.6 km.
Avg. time 1 ½ hour with 50 ft accent. Easy. Paved trail follows Virgin River from south campground to Canyon Junction.

Riverside Walk/Temple of Sinewava. 2.0 mi/3.3 km.
Average time 1 1/2 hours with 57 ft ascent. Easy with minor drop offs. Paved trail follows Virgin River along bottom of narrow canyon. Trailside exhibits.

The Narrows.
As a day hike, continue upstream beyond the end of the Riverside Walk at Temple of Sinewava. No permit required for hiking out and back. A permit and shuttle to Chamberlain?s Ranch is required for all-day hike and for backpacking.

The Three Patriarchs.
10 minute scenic walk to lookout with excellent view of The Three Patriarchs.

Lower Emerald Pool. 1.2 mi/1.9 km.
Avg. 1 hour with 69 ft. ascent. Easy. Minor drop offs. Paved trail to lower pool and waterfalls.

Middle Emerald Pools. 2.0 mi/3.3 km.
Avg. 2 hours with 150 ft ascent. Moderate with long drop offs. Loop trail to lower, middle, and upper pools.

Upper Emerald Pools. 0.3 mile from Middle Pool Trail.
Moderate, one-way with 200 ft ascent. A sandy rocky tail climbs to the base of the cliff and occasional waterfall.

The Grotto. 0.5 mile one-way.
Easy and level. Trail connects Zion Lodge to The Grotto Picnic Area. Can be linked with Emerald Pools and Kayenta trails for a 3- mile loop hike.

Kayenta. 1 mile, one-way.
Moderate with 150 ascent. Unpaved climb to a sandstone ledge. Trail connects The Grotto picnic area to Emerald Pools.

Canyon Overlook. 1.0 mi/1.6 km.
1 hour with 163 feet ascent. Moderate with long drop offs, mostly fenced. Rocky, uneven trail ends at spectacular viewpoint of lower Zion Canyon and Pine Creek Canyon.

Watchman. 2.0 mi/3.3 km.
2 hours with 368 ft. ascent. Moderate with minor drop offs. Ends at viewpoint of the Watchman, lower Zion Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, and town of Springdale.

Hidden Canyon. 2.0 mi/3.2 km.
3 hours with 850 ft. ascent. Strenuous with long drop offs. Not for anyone fearful of heights. Ends at mouth of narrow canyon behind the Great White Throne.

Angles Landing. 5.0 mi/8.6 km.
4 hours with 1488 ft. ascent. Strenuous with long drop offs and narrow trail. Not for anyone fearful of heights. Ends at summit high above Zion Canyon. Last 0.5 mi/0.8 km follows steep, narrow ridge where chains have been added.

Observation Point. 8.0 mi/12.0 km.
5 hours with 2148 ft. ascent. Strenuous. Climb through Echo Canyon to Observation Point. Excellent views of Zion Canyon. Trail gives access to other East Rim Plateau trails such as Cable Mountain and Deertrap Mountain.

Sand Bench Trail. 3.6 mi/5.8 km.
3 hours with 500 ft. ascent. Moderate, loop trail passes ancient landslide and Streaked Wall. Good views of lower Zion Canyon and the Three Patriarchs. Great winter hike. Trail used by horses in summer.

Kolob-Timber Creek Overlook. 1.0 mi/1.6 km.
½ hour with 100 ft. ascent. Moderate. Follow ridge top to small peak with views of Timber Creek, Kolob Terrace, and Pine Valley Mountains.

Kolob-Taylor Creek. 5.0 mi/8.6 km.
4 hours with 450 ft. ascent. Moderate. Follows Middle Fork of Taylor Creek past two homestead cabins to Double Arch Alcove.

Kolob Arch. 14 mi/22 km.
10 hours with 699 ft. descent. Strenuous. Follows Timber and LaVerkin Creeks and ends at Kolob Arch, possibly world's largest freestanding arch.

West Rim Trail-14 mi/22 km.
10 hours, 2400 ft descent (meets up with Angel’s Landing trail at Scout lookout). Strenuous, but path is well maintained. Starts at Kolob’s Lava point
and ends at The Grotto in Zion Canyon. Could be a long day hike or a nice back pack trip. East Rim Trail-10 mi/19 km. 6 hours with 2150 ft. ascent. Trailhead starts at Zion’s East entrance and ends at weeping rock in Zion Canyon. Said to be one of the most scenic hikes in Zion.